Roads & Storm Water

Economic growth and development require a road network that support an effective and efficient public, private and freight transport system. A functional mobility road network, effectively managed, improves capacity and traffic flow thus reducing travel time and travel cost to the road user. A safe and efficient road network is an essential enabler for sustainable development in both urban and rural areas.
The principal objective of road management is to ensure that a network of roads is provided primarily for the movement of persons and goods as part of an integrated transport system and that road reserves are available for other appropriate uses.
The management of the roads and stormwater infrastructure is part of the Technical Services Department and is the primary function of the Roads and
 tormwater Section. The department serves as the custodian for municipal roads and stormwater assets. It manages municipal roads to ensure the following:
  • Improve road safety
  • Roads classification and access management
  • Integrated transport planning
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Pavement management system
  • Storm water management system
  • Effective road maintenance
  • Non-motorised traffic
  • The departmental business operation comprises of the following functions:
  • Maintenance of surfaced roads
  • Maintenance of gravel roads
  • Maintenance of paved roads
  • Maintenance of concrete roads
  • Maintenance of stormwater network
  • Maintenance of walkways

Public Transport Infrastructure Service

The municipality owns 15km railway siding which service the Ferrobank industrial area. The railway line needs to be rehabilitated and ensure continuous maintenance thereof.
The municipality also owns an airfield (Aerodrome) which provides service to most of the private aircraft around the area. To keep up with compliance with the aviation authority the municipality must ensure proper routine maintenance is carried out and the facility promote safety operations.

Maintenance of Municipal Buildings

It is the responsibility of the municipality to maintenance of all the municipal buildings and must ensure that the municipal buildings are in compliance with requisite legislative prescripts.

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