PUBLIC NOTICE -::-Public Awareness on Court Orders (002)[56]

The notice serves to inform the public that Emalahleni Local Municipality is, currently, implementing Demolition Court Orders granted to it in terms of Section 21 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (NBRBSA) 103, (Act 103 of 1977) as amended, and similar provisions in the Emalahleni Land Use Scheme 2020.
The public is, therefore, informed in terms of Section 16 and 21 of the Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000), to take cognisance of the requirements and processes of the municipality when, as property owners, intend to develop their properties in the form of new Building construction and other forms of property development operations. These include conversions and alterations to existing buildings into, either, a Boarding house(s), Additional Dwelling Units, second dwellings, Residential Buildings (including back–rooms), Granny Flats, and Businesses such as Guesthouses, Lodges, Hotels, Tuckshop, Mechanical, Workshop, Warehouse, Shop, Crèche, among others, as defined in terms of the Emalahleni Land Use Scheme, 2020.    
In the case whereby one or two of the above-mentioned developments are already existing in one’s property without the necessary Council approvals such as Rezoning, Special Consent and building approvals, the owner of that property is in gross violation of both the NBRBSA, Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (Act 16 of 2013) and Clause 174 of the Emalahleni Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Law, 2016, read with Chapter 13 of the Emalahleni Land Use Scheme, 2020.

The municipality is consistently monitoring property developments within its area of jurisdiction and should property owners possess any of the above conditions on their property without council approval, the municipality is obliged to act in terms of the legislative provisions as articulated above.

For Further Enquiries, Building and Zoning Inspectors are available for consultation at the following contact addresses:

Physical Address

Spatial Planning and Land Use Management/ Building Control Section

Emalahleni Local Municipality

Ground or 3rd Floor, Development Planning 

Cnr Mandela & Arras Street

P.O. Box 3




Zoning Inspectors

MP Hlungwane            Tel +27 13 690 6346 Email: 

KJ Makhubedu Tel +27 13 690 6346  Email:


Building Control Section  or

Tel : +27 13 690 6554 or +27 13 690 6330