Risk management

The Council of Emalahleni Local Municipality (ELM) has committed the municipality to a process of risk management that it aligned to the principles of good corporate governance, as supported by related legislation such as the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), Act No 56 of 2003, the Local Government, Municipal Systems Act of 2000 and the Public Sector Risk Management Framework section 2(7).
The accounting officer of a municipality is responsible for managing the financial administration of the municipality, and must for this purpose take all reasonable steps to ensure, amongst other things that the municipality has and maintains effective, efficient and transparent systems of financial and risk management and internal control.
The Risk Management Unit was established to provide specialist expertise in providing a comprehensive support service to ensure systematic, uniform and effective enterprise risk management throughout the municipality. The risk management unit plays a vital communication link between operational level management, senior management, Risk Management, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Committee as well as other relevant committees. The unit is thus the custodian of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, the co-ordinator of the risk management throughout the municipality and the institutional advisor on all risk management matters.